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CO2 absorber for elemental analysis, granular, 30 g, substitute for sodium hydroxide (+ quartz chips) on carrier, standing out for long operating times (depending on the instrument lower material consumption per 1k sample runs as with NaOH).
Shipped in a box with two 30g flasks (60g total net weight).

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The EAS CARBSORBER is a ready for use CO2 absorber for the application in elemental analysis. The material can be directly used as delivered and serves as a substitute for sodium hydroxide on carrier or a mixture of sodium hydroxide on carrier and quartz chips. The filling level corresponds to the former NaOH.
Shipped in a box with two 30g flasks (60g total net weight).
Please store in a dry place.

  • Ready for use: no mixing by the user required.
  • End-of-shelf-life indicator: reacting to moisture during storage.
  • Easy to handle: no solidification.
  • The costs for quartz chips are eliminated.
Weight 0.070000 g
Dangerous good Yes
Hazardous substance Yes
CAS no 1305-62-0; 1310-73-2
Unit PAC
SKU 100007541
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